2018: Year in Review

Here’s a high-level review of my 2018

December 2017: I celebrated two years since I quit drinking with friends at The Green Elephant.

January 2018:   I was reunited with my Mark Gonzales Skateboard after a long separation.

February 2018: I interviewed Lori Tiernan for Portsmouth Living Magazine

March 2018: I interviewed Eva Marino for Portsmouth Living Magazine

April 2018: I was invited to be a Marketing Panelist on the WPM series on WSCA Portsmouth Community Radio.

May 2018: I went hiking at Pawtuckaway Memorial Day Weekend. I met Captain Liz Clark, author of Swell.

June 2018: I read an excerpt from the unpublished draft of the short story, “Mr. & Mrs. Arhens’ Guest,” at the Page Turner series at Washington Street Mills. I celebrated three years since I gave up smoking cigarettes.

July 2018:  Thanks to family & friends, I raised $3200 out of $3500 in three weeks on GoFundMe to repair a cracked molar.

August 2018: I started a new secondary part-time freelance & consulting gig working as a private copywriting and outdoor adventure coach on Plum Island on Saturdays.

September 2018:  I read a lot, and I surfed a lot.

October 2018: I read a lot, and I surfed a lot.

November 2018: I went surfing with Mike A. In early November, so much fun! And I went to Ireland for a week at the end of November.

December 2018:  I went surfing two days before Christmas. I celebrated three-years since I quit drinking having coffee with friends at the Roundabout Diner.

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