2019: Year in Review

Here’s a high-level review of my 2019

December 2018:  I went surfing two days before Christmas. I celebrated three-years since I quit drinking having coffee with friends at the Roundabout Diner.

January 2019: I spent a couple of approximately a thousand dollars emergency medical treatment and spent the month sick and in pain due to this I regretfully had to let go of my part-time gig on Saturdays.

February 2019: I love Rye Airfield in the winter.

March 2019: I read my poem

“Flashes of Terror,” from Lunation: A Good Fat Anthology of 114 Women Poets at South Church, Portsmouth, NH in front of over 100 people.

April 2019: I spent some time with friends at their new houses near my partner’s hometown.

May 2019: I went surfing at Jenness on Memorial Day Weekend and took a Lamborghini fast 9’6 longboard to the middle of the back of my head. I heard a loud crack.

June 2019: I traded in my 9’6 longboard for a 7’6 board. But I’m out of water for a bit longer.

July 2019: I took out my first car loan and bought a three-year-old manual transmission VW Jetta.

August 2019: I took on a month-long part-time freelance & consulting gig working a handful of hours a week as a private social media strategist for a realtor. Tried to surf lasted 30 minutes and was experiencing post-concussion terror.

September 2019:  I spent another thousand dollars on my teeth. Grandma would be proud. I am flossing while watching TV and it has become a new hobby.

October 2019: I moved an hour away from Portsmouth to my partner’s hometown.

November 2019: I committed to a nontraditional writing challenge hosted by an NH outdoor adventure writer.

December 2019: I am looking forward to my two best friends visiting from LA and SF area and meeting their partners. And I look forward to celebrating 4-years since I quit drinking.

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