How do you get to know someone you’ve never actually met?

Well, here’s 20 Random things about me.

1.     I believe that ideas should be creative and original.

2.     Does it make you think or feel something? Do you relate to it? Or does it make you laugh?

3.     I love, love, love, people watching.

4.     Techno-nomad is a term I first heard in 2009, and that’s what set me on my path as a remote writer.

5.     I was born with translucent skin and strawberry blonde hair. Therefore, I prefer to stay out of the sun, or I might explode, or at the very least, get painfully sunburnt.  

6.     Exceptions to staying out of the sun, include surfing, hiking, skateboarding, snowboarding, riding horses, and driving.

7.     I am never bored.

8.     I am a vegetarian.

9.     I don’t consider onions, peppers, or olives vegetables. Why are these vegetarian Pizza toppings? Why not spinach, mushrooms, tomato, broccoli, and garlic?

10.  Also, I don’t eat black beans, or Boston baked beans or most beans.

11.  As a kid, I read 20 books a week.

12.   I come from a family of avid skiers.

13.  I enjoy both two planking and shredding.  

14.    I love road trips.

15.    I have driven from New Hampshire to California twice.

16.    I drink a lot of water. That means frequent stops on road trips.

17.    I am probably one of the few, if not only, people you will ever meet who went to Cancun to work at a two-week conference.

18.   Coming up with funny short film skit ideas is one of my hobbies.

19. Nine hours of sleep a night is the perfect amount.

20.  I love animals. I have one cat, one rabbit, and one turtle. The stable I volunteer at has horses, chickens, ducks, and cats. I also love dogs.

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