Brendan W. Cornwell

Brendan Cornwell, who works at Arcadia Publishing, and is the Illustrator of Aesop in Goudy will be at RiverRun Bookstore on Friday, June 29th at  7:00 PM. 

A resident of Rye, NH, Brendan is an accomplished artist and graduate of Montserrat College of Art. For the past five years, he has been involved in book production in Portsmouth, primary focusing on photography based publications. Brendan’s creative expressions exist in various forms, including quilting, silhouetting, block-printing, and animation.

Many people know of Æsop, the Greek slave who is often considered the master of the fable, but few people are aware of Frederic Goudy, the creator of this font. Goudy was a masterful designer, creating such a beautiful and striking font, that the font itself is considered art. Frederic Goudy lived in the late nineteenth and early part of the twentieth century and was one of the most brilliant type designers of his time. He created over one hundred typefaces and created such notable ones as Goudy Old Style (the font used throughout this book), Copperplate, and Californian.

For centuries, Aesop’s fables have amused, educated minds, and warmed hearts all over the world. Now in this new collection, Brendan Cornwell uses letters and numbers to re-invent thirty-one of these well known and loved fables for today’s children. An exploration of some of the most beloved Aesop’s tales and the beauty of Brendan Cornwell’s illustrations will encourage readers to discover each fable with new enthusiasm.

The book signing begins on Friday, June 29th, at 7:00 PM. At RiverRun Bookstore, located at 20 Congress Street, Portsmouth NH 03801. For more information on the event, call (603) 431-2100.

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