Eva Claeson

Local Author Eva Claeson Comes to RiverRun Bookstore

Claeson will be in RiverRun Bookstore to read from and sign copies of To Catch Life Anew on Thursday, May 24th, at 7:00 PM, followed by an open reading. Bring a favorite and your poem to read!

“To Catch Life Anew: 10 Swedish Women Poets,” includes poems by a former physician, a psychotherapist, and others writing from the 1960s to the present on the tide of gaining rights for women, finding their voices. The last poem is about an orphan boy in Afghanistan whose ‘voice is unheard.’ This collection is the first publication of most of the poems in English.

Eva is a translator of Swedish, has published six books in translation, and after 30 years in Europe, now lives north of Amherst, MA. She is currently translating a historical/political biography (which the author considers to be a novel). She is also completing an autobiographic fiction.

Born into a literary family, she has written short stories and poems since childhood. Eva first heard poetry in German when her Grandmother recited poems and fairy tales on winter nights. Eva attended schools in Brussels, Havana, and Berkeley.

Returning to Europe, she worked in Italy and Germany for a few years, then returned to Berkeley and moved with her husband to Sweden, where they lived for 26-years, returning to the United States in 1991.

In 1992, she was one of the founders of Metamorphoses, the five-college journal of literary translation, which she co-edited for two years and guest-edited for a special issue on Swedish Literature in 2000. She received a grant from the Swedish Writers’ Fund in 2002 to work on a collection of contemporary Swedish women poets.

The book signing begins at 7:00 PM on May 24th at RiverRun Bookstore, located at 20 Congress Street, Portsmouth NH 03801. For more information on the event, call (603) 431-2100.