Featured Author Events: 

March 2019, Lunation Book Launch at the South Church (Poetry)

June 2018, Page Turner series at Washington Street Mills (Fiction)

April 2018, WPM series on WSCA Portsmouth Community Radio ( Marketing) 

August 2017, Poets in the Park at Prescott Park (Poetry) 

October 2016, 2nd Annual Local Authors Fair at the Portsmouth Public Library (Poetry)

July 2016, RiverRun After Hours Youth Series at RiverRun Bookstore (Poetry) 

June 2015, Writers in the Round on WSCA Portsmouth Community Radio  (Poetry)

November 2014, Beat Night at the PressRoom (Poetry)

Featured Host Year Long Monthly Series Events: 

March 2016 – March 2017 RiverRun After Hours Youth Poetry Series  (Poetry) 

January – December 2013 Essays Book Group at Portsmouth Book and Bar (Essays)

In the News:

Pricilla Cookson, Kayla Cash, Tamara Collins (Poets in the Park – Women Reading Women Series)

Readers take the podium at RiverRun Bookstore in Portsmouth on Wednesday night, April 13, for the After Hours Poetry Hoot.