Kim Ponders

Kim Ponders will be in RiverRun Bookstore to read from and sign copies of “Last Blue Mile “on Wednesday, May 23rd, at 7:00 pm.

Air Force Reservist and former fighter pilot Ponders explores the future of a scandal-plagued Air Force Academy, in her second novel, “The Last Blue Mile.” In the wake of an embarrassing rape scandal, General Susan Long is appointed to reform the academy. Her initiative, a “Culture of Transformation,” causes resentment among cadets and alumni and is opposed by the Commandant of Cadets, Brig. General John Waller, a former fighter pilot whose quick call sign is “Balls.”

When a cheating ring is exposed, Waller wants to expel Cadet Paula Snowe, the ringleader but is overruled by Long, who argues that Snowe is “a perfect candidate” for transformation. Meanwhile, Cadet Brook Searcy’s future at the academy is threatened by her fragile emotional state. Waller finds himself increasingly at odds with a politically savvy Long, and the death of Brook’s friend and a fellow cadet in glider crash forces both Brook and Waller to reckon with their tormented pasts.

While Ponders is most eloquent when describing the joys and perils of flight, she also manages to capture the tension between the old and new guards deftly.

Kim is the lead speechwriter for Lieutenant General John Bradley, Chief of the Air Force Reserve. She holds an M.S. in international relations and an M.F.A. from the Warren Wilson Program for Writers. She’s written about the current Iraq war on blog sites such as Femme La Guerre and, a women’s news and features site. She teaches at a conference run by A Room of Her Own, the largest women-only writer’s foundation in the country. Kim also has reviewed books for the Washington Post.

Kim Ponders a fiction writer and former military pilot. Her first novel, The Art of Uncontrolled Flight, was released with HarperCollins in September 2005. Her second novel, The Last Blue Mile, will be published in May 2007.

The book signing begins at 7:00 PM on May 23rd at RiverRun Bookstore, located at 20 Congress Street, Portsmouth NH 03801. For more information on the event, call (603) 431-2100.

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