Tamara J. Collins released her debut poetry collection, Metempsychosis: Poems (House of Love and Pizza Press) in July 2016.

Tamara received her BA in English with a dual minor focus in Journalism and Teaching at the University of New Hampshire. She grew up in Vermont where she was an actress/athlete and aspiring author. She wrote her first novel during her Freshman/Sophomore years of high school(unpublished and un-submitted – aka shelved to this day), and her first collection of poetry she completed her Senior year of high school (unpublished and un-submitted – aka shelved to this day). She was the lead actress in,”I Hate the Mall,” and competed on the  Varsity Dance Team, Varsity Equestrian Team, and Varsity Snowboarding Team.  She has taught a Teen Fiction Writers’ Workshop at The Lane Memorial Library. She was the Founder and CEO of The Portsmouth Writers’ Salon (2013-2015), which was a Fiction Writers’ Workshop. She is currently working on a collection of short stories for publication.

Tamara’s writing has appeared in TEDxPiscataquaRiver, Portsmouth Living Magazine, Discover Hollywood, Maximum Rock N Roll, Lollipop, Corrosion of Complaints, Left for Dead, and more. She lives in Portsmouth.